Air dried, rough-sawn full dimension lumber

Grown in a certified sustainable productive Northern forest, Liberty Sawmill specializes in native fine hardwoods and pine.  Then using a modern bandsaw, Liberty Sawmill mills both hardwood and softwood grown and selectively cut on the property, always done with respect for the land and an eye to future productivity of the forest. The lumber is rough-sawn (unplaned), and boasts beautiful grain and interesting knots.

If a custom cut is part of your project Liberty Sawmill can also provide custom quarter-sawn, cut-sawn and rip-sawn lumber.

Perfect for custom homebuilders, as well as the craftsman, beekeeper or carver. 

For the gardener, this lumber is durable in contact with the soil without poisonous wood-treating chemicals. White and red oak and red elm resist cribbing and remain strong in the outdoors without paint.

We specialize in custom cuts of many high-graded native hardwoods:

Black Walnut                                          Black Locust
Black Cherry                                           Red Elm
Sugar Maple                                            Bass Wood
White Oak                                                White Pine
Red Oak                                                    Aspen
White Ash